What to Do if You Find Yourself Accused of Drunk Driving

You were out for a good time with friends, ringing in the new year, and suddenly found yourself pulled over, those infamous red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. As if it couldn’t get worse, you might’ve had a drink or two. You’re nowhere near drunk, but the cop that pulls you over immediately jumps to that conclusion because, hey, it’s a popular party night.

Your job, license, and reputation are all at risk and, chances are, these thoughts are racing through your head as you’re booked at the station.

Evaluating Your Traffic Stop

Anytime the police stop you, they need to have a lawful reason. Many times, particularly on popular “party nights,” unconstitutional traffic stops, become commonplace. Don’t let your life fall apart because of an unlawful traffic stop. In fact, if you are unlawfully pulled over, your case can easily be thrown out because the entire legal process wasn’t started off right.

We Challenge Evidence…or “Evidence”

Many of our DWI clients are shocked to know that evidence isn’t always what it seems and can be challenged. That’s one thing both Attorneys Winters and Cohen have become adept at.

Whether evaluating police camera footage to determine how you performed during a field sobriety test or determining if a breathalyzer gave a false reading, we’re committed to ensuring every angle of your case is examined and questioned.

Oftentimes, police camera footage can show quite the different picture from what an officer testifies and, as a result, can prove an office didn’t have the probable cause needed to bring you in.

Breathalyzer evidence isn’t always accurate. In fact, there are many things that can cause a false reading, including:

  • Equipment failure or errors
  • Improper administration by the police
  • Diabetes or other medical conditions
  • Food soaked in alcohol that might be stuck in teeth or dental appliances

Facing drunk driving charges is terrifying. The good news is, our experienced team of New Hampshire drunk driving attorneys knows how to examine your case and get you the fairest treatment possible.

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