Theft Defense Lawyers

Theft is a crime under both New Hampshire and Federal criminal law. Generally speaking most thefts are charged in state court. There are various types of thefts, including theft by unauthorized taking, theft by deception, and theft of services.  RSA 637:3 defines theft by unauthorized taking, probably the most commonly charged type of theft, as the exercise of unauthorized control over the property of another person with the intent to permanently deprive them thereof.

Theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on certain factors. Some of these factors include the value of the property and the criminal record of the accused. If the value of the property is under $1,000 than the theft will usually be charged as a misdemeanor and if it exceeds $1,000 it will generally be charged as a felony. If the defendant has two prior convictions of theft related offenses the third charge will generally be charged as a felony regardless of the value of the property.

A theft of a firearm will be charged as a class A felony.

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