Steps To Take After a Car Accident in NH

A car accidents are some of the most complicated mishaps on the road today. Before you know it, you could be dealing with an insurance company that has its own set of legal rules and regulations on top of state laws. The following step-by-step process will help ensure that your vehicle accident claim is covered correctly:

Call 911

If there’s any chance that either driver or anyone involved in the Accident might be injured, don’t make assumptions about their conditions or try to move them around. Contact emergency services immediately to assess each person for injuries and direct them to the nearest hospital if necessary.

Contact the Police and Exchange Insurance Information

If you reach out to police, they’ll generally show up on the scene and take an accident report that lists who was involved in the incident and any possible witnesses. If you were driving a rental car or your own vehicle, you should contact your insurance company before they arrive at your location if it isn’t already provided as part of the rental agreement so all parties can be appropriately covered under their respective policies.

Determine Which Company Pays for What

If there are any issues regarding which insurance company covers what costs related to repairing or replacing lost or damaged items, don’t hesitate to double-check with all parties involved. The easiest way to do this is by calling one of your insurance agents and having them run through the list of damages that have been recorded in police reports from the accident scene. After gathering information from your agent, call everyone else’s company and go over the accident details with them.

Keep All Documents from the Accident

No matter what type of car accident occurs, certain documents should be kept in a designated folder. This folder won’t only help keep track of everything involved with an accident, but it will also prove helpful when filing insurance claims. These items include police reports, damage estimations, photographs of the scene, property receipts, medical bills, repair records for both cars involved in the crash, property rental agreements, doctors’ notes for injuries received as a result of the car wreck, and copies of all communications between you and other parties involved.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve received injuries after being in an accident, then it’s wise to seek legal advice from Personal Injury Lawyer in NH. This help would come in handy when dealing with insurance companies, filing claims, and providing evidence during lawsuits filed if someone was injured due to the unforeseen circumstances of another.

Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately following your accident so that they can walk you through the steps to take after a car accident and begin their investigation into what happened as soon as possible.

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