Setting Personal Goals For 2020

Whether you’re navigating the legal system or your case has closed, it’s important that you take personal health – physical and mental – seriously. Being healthy in mind, body, and soul will make facing any challenges you have ahead of you easier. The real challenge of setting goals for 2020 isn’t necessarily sticking to them, it’s prioritizing.

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Start Small

Don’t feel like your goals need to be monumental. Starting with small, manageable goals is the best way to set yourself up for success. As you’re setting your goals ask yourself:

  • what success looks like to you
  • how you would feel if you didn’t reach this goal
  • why you’re setting the goal

Grab a piece of paper and list these goals. Seeing them in front of you, written down, will help you consider the above questions and how you’ll begin to work through the goals.


It’s easy to want to do all the things. Refrain from getting excited about everything you want to do and focus on prioritizing your most important goals. If we’re talking about how you’re going to navigate or recover from a recent legal issue, consider prioritizing your mental health first.

As you begin to clear any mental fog, achieving other goals will feel more realistic.

Head back to your piece of paper and order your goals in order of importance.


Once you’ve got your goals written down and ordered by importance, you’ll want to eliminate some of them. You can’t do it all and the sooner you realize that then the sooner you’ll have an easier time achieving your more manageable goals.

Do you have legal questions? Perhaps one of your goals for the coming year is to attack some legal challenges you’ve had. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help with family law, DWI, criminal law, estate planning, and more.

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