School Year Scheduling and Planning Tips For Divorced Parents

For most kids in New Hampshire school has started or is about to start. The cool, crisp air that’s so reminiscent of the school year, regularly greets them in the morning as they wait for their bus or car pool. Unlike the more laid back feel of summer, fall brings tighter schedules and more activities.

Parents who share custody of their children might find that the school season brings changes in their schedule.

Plan For Schedule Changes

The first thing to do when setting your schedule is to get with your ex and discuss what everyone’s weeks look like. If you aren’t on good terms, ask your divorce lawyer to mediate the session.


  • Sports and activities
  • Work schedules
  • Extended family activities
  • Holidays and school breaks

Fall schedules fill up quickly, but when everyone is on the same page you can ensure things don’t fall through the cracks. Remember, your custody arrangement is about your children. Having a schedule laid out in advance is the best way to give them the security of knowing things will be ok.

Review Expenses

The start of the school year brings many new expenses that parents will likely want to split. Grab your child’s school supply list and review it with your ex before going shopping. You can then equally split the list and also discuss who will be purchasing new shoes and clothes.

Part of this might be in your divorce decree, but reviewing it each year and planning accordingly will help prevent unnecessary frustration.

Talk To Teachers

Whether your divorce is new or your child has a new teacher, it’s important that they’re kept in the loop as to what’s going on at home. Part of that includes letting them know what your child’s schedule looks like. This is particularly important for kids who are picked up from school or after school activities.

Have a Family Meeting

Yes, your family looks a little different than you might have imagined, but it’s important that you stick together. Once you and your ex hammer out details, get the kids together and go over the schedule with them.

By keeping everyone involved nothing will fall through the cracks. You might even be surprised that your kids could bring up questions you hadn’t considered.

Things to review:

  • Who is picking them up from practice, after school activities, or after school in general
  • Where they’re going after school
  • How you and your ex will keep in touch regarding things like report cards, school plays, and parent teacher conferences

When all is said and done, you aren’t your ex’s secretary, but by keeping open lines of communication and setting clear schedule and expectations you can help keep things running smoothly for you, and most importantly, your child or children.

Have questions about divorce or custody? Our New Hampshire divorce attorneys can help you through this confusing time and ensure you have information to choose the best path for you. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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