Manchester is a great place for pedestrians to take an enjoyable walk.  The New Hampshire Heritage Trail runs along the Merrimack River through Hooksett, Bedford and Manchester.  Originally intended for recreation, it’s now linked to residences, schools, and other pedestrian areas. This includes historical sites, including places like the scenic Amoskeag Riverwalk. Residents from both north and south Manchester can visit nearby amenities on foot, or by bicycle.

Walking is great fun, great exercise, and can offer cost savings too. For short outings in an urban setting walking  saves money on shorter trips. Some pedestrians may not even want to own a car if they don’t need one. But walking also carries a certain amount of risk caused by others who aren’t paying attention. Pedestrians can suffer more serious injuries in a car accident. Hybrid cars heighten the risk. You can’t hear the quiet motor until it’s right behind you.

Pedestrian Accident Dangers

You still must exercise care while on foot. Crosswalks and traffic lights are there for safety, but not everyone uses them.

As a pedestrian, you might think you’re safer than a driver, but that’s not always true. You’re more vulnerable and less likely to survive an accident with a car. Accidents kill 5,000 pedestrians every year in the US . Accidents injure another 60,000+ pedestrians, about 12% of all US accidents . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that a pedestrian fatality happens every 1.6 hours in the US.

How Does This Happen?

You may be the pedestrian that always uses crosswalks and obeys the traffic lights, but you can’t control what another person does. It happens whether you bump into another pedestrian, or find yourself face-to-face with the grille of a car. There are many reasons why you could be in an accident:

Many pedestrian accidents happen at night, mostly in urban areas. If a driver’s carelessness causes you injuries, you have legal options.

It Can Happen Quickly

A car turns a corner, or runs a red light. Suddenly, you’re on the pavement. Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries requiring medical care and physical therapy to get back on their feet.

Meantime, medical and other bills accumulate while you can’t work. You have the right to seek a full and fair recovery for:

Taking care of yourself is top priority. Our experienced attorneys know how to protect your legal rights and help you get the compensation you need to heal and get back to your life.

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