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The car accident lawyers at Cohen & Winters put the law on your side–the right side!

Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident? Handling the claim on your own can be a monumental task. Moreover, there are so many variables. The car accident lawyers at Cohen & Winters in New Hampshire are trained for this very purpose. We work closely with our clients to collect the maximum award possible.

With car accidents, the worst is not always over. Sometimes, injuries and other damages appear much later. As a matter of fact, the initial shock may prevent you from realizing the extent of damage. Not to mention other forms of intangible damage, like emotional suffering.

Car accident lawyers know the various kinds of damages involved

Our attorneys do this every day. We know exactly what damages can be involved. Even the ones you may not think about. For example, in some kinds of personal injury claims, you can claim loss of consortium. Did you know that? Furthermore, we are adept at assessing the possibility of collecting on those claims. Making a claim is one thing and collecting on it is another. So, here are some reasons why you should work with our car accident lawyers:

Timely claim filing

The cliché “time is of the essence” isn’t just an adage. The sooner, the better. With insurance and claims, it is an absolute truth. There are deadlines. Actually, strict deadlines! If you don’t file your claim in a timely manner, you lose out. Additionally, it is very important to claim the right kind and amount of damages. Moreover, these deadlines are buried in complex legales. Once this time passes, the claim cannot be made except under some rare circumstances.

Proving negligence

Proving negligence is the most difficult part of a claim. The other motorist may claim that the victim was negligent. Additionally, there are so many variables. Was the driver drunk? What speed was the car moving? Were the lights on? How was the weather? Who changed lanes? Also, were the posted signs followed? See, there is a lot to it. And, the other side is going to fight hard.

The law is very complex. Car accident lawyers at our firm know that. We work hard to put the law on your side—the right side!

Complex, archaic, ever-changing procedures

Procedurally, the law is cumbersome. Most individuals do not know how to navigate this maze. Our attorneys are very well-versed with these procedures and can efficiently complete the formalities. 

Evidence gathering

Having evidence is one thing. Having the “right kind” of evidence is another. Our car accident lawyers know that. We know which pictures will support your claim and which ones will be unhelpful. Which witness statement will work in your favor. If you say something wrong, the whole case can turn around. Sometimes, against you.

You are not required to hire an attorney, but a lot can go wrong without one. Call our law offices to speak to experienced car accident lawyers. Remember, car accident lawyers at Cohen and Winters do this for a living. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation: 1-603-224-6999.

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