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If you or a loved one has been injured by another person's carelessness you are probably scared and wondering where to turn, and who you can trust to help you. You may have suffered serious injuries, be undergoing extensive medical treatment, and in constant pain. You may be missing work, unable to care for your family, and full of concern about what the future will hold.

The attorneys at Cohen & Winters will stand by you throughout, to help you get the maximum amount of justice and compensation allowed by law.

If the injury occurred in NH, you need to get a personal injury lawyer in NH (or at least licensed here), even if you live out of state. A law firm or personal injury lawyer in Concord, NH can handle cases throughout the State, not just in Concord.

Very often, the person at fault is defended by one or more insurance companies. These companies often resist paying fair compensation for the injuries caused. The attorneys at Cohen & Winters have extensive trial experience and are prepare to go to head-to-head with the highly paid insurance lawyers. We are never intimidated and will fight to get you what you deserve.

Representative Cases

  • $540,474: Angry driver ran over pedestrian's foot causing long-term pain and impairment (total awards for settlement with at-fault driver and worker's compensation permanent impairment award).
  • $329,465: Head-on collision with drunk driver causing life threatening injuries, multiple fractures and surgeries, and lengthy hospitalization (total awards for driver's insurance policy limits, additional out-o- pocket settlement with driver based on ability to pay, and worker's compensation permanent impairment award
  • $287,000: Rear-end accident causing severe post-concussion syndrome and cervical strain.
  • $255,000: Motorcyclist injured in T-bone accident causing punctured aorta among other injuries.
  • $250,000: Rear-end accident causing torn nerve in the hand requiring multiple surgeries.
  • $190,000: Combined settlement for T-bone accident causing significant injuries to mother and adult daughter that included a subdural hematoma, a broken rib and a dislocated shoulder.
  • $185,000: Combined settlement for T-bone accident causing fractured shoulder to wife, and serious post-concussion syndrome to husband.
  • $143,000: Worker's compensation settlement for commercial driver who slipped and fell in the employee parking lot.
  • $124,500: Combined settlement for husband and wife who were both injured after being struck on their motorcycle.
  • $120,000: Pedestrian struck by careless driver in parking lot suffered fractured ankle requiring surgery.
  • $100,000: Minor hit by man negligently driving his truck.
  • $97,000: Motorcyclist injured in T-bone accident causing separation of joint that connects shoulder and clavicle.
  • $85,000: Sip and fall on ice in restaurant parking lot causing fractured ankle and vertebrae
  • $78,000 : Pedestrian struck by negligent driver causing broken arm.
  • $75,000: Slip and fall on ice in parking lot of fast food restaurant causing severe concussion.
  • $70,000:  Rear-end accident causing post-concussion syndrome and cervical strain.
  • $69,000: Salmonella poisoning caused by handling of contaminated dog treats.
  • $60,000:  Rear-end accident causing re-injury of surgically repaired knee requiring second surgery.
  • $50,000:  T-Bone accident causing post-concussion syndrome.
  • $43,000:  Rear-end accident causing months of loss of vision in one eye.
  • $42,000:  Legal malpractice case against previous attorney who did not file car accident lawsuit in time.

If you or someone you love has been injured, the attorneys of Cohen & Winters can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation of your injury case.

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I would recommend Cohen & Winters to any friend or family member. The reason is they were professional, friendly and personable. They made me feel comfortable and they were knowledgeable, I would definitely use them again if anything happened.



They kept me posted on everything and made it very simple for me. I had to do nothing. No matter when I called with a question I answered. I give them a 10 out of 10.



I recommend Cohen & Winters. They are accountable, supportive, caring, and passionate. They are not just lawyers, they felt like friends. I never felt alone.


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