Parenting Petitions

Parental Rights Attorneys

In New Hampshire the Family Division will generally handle parenting cases in which the two parents were never married. These parenting cases are similar to divorce cases except there is no division of assets and liabilities. The Court will focus on issues relating to the children including child support and parenting responsibilities.

A parenting case begins with the filing of a petition. Once the petition is filed and the other party has been served the Court will schedule a first appearance session and then send the parents to either a case manager conference, mediation or a court hearing.

The parties will then engage in the discovery process by which they will be able to obtain information about each other’s finances and other matters relevant to their divorce. This process will include mandatory disclosure of financial information pursuant to Court Rule 125-A. The parties will also have the right to propound interrogatories, request the production of documents and to take depositions as part of this process.

Finally, if the parties cannot resolve their outstanding issues by agreement, the Court will hold a trial and will resolve all outstanding issues based on that hearing. If a party does not agree with the outcome of their hearing an appeal may be taken to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

If you’re not married, your parenting case begins with a petition. Let the family law attorneys of Cohen & Winters help you — contact us today for a free consultation of your situation.