Restraining Order Lawyers

Under New Hampshire law courts have the power to issues orders restraining a person from abusing another person. These types of orders can be issued: pursuant to RSA 173-B which generally deals with issues related to domestic violence; to prevent stalking as defined in RSA 633:3-a; as part of a divorce or parenting case; as bail conditions related to a criminal matter; or through the the Superior Court’s general powers to grant equitable relief.

Once a restraining order in NH has been issued and the restrained party has been put on notice of the order, a violation of that order will generally be a crime. The type of restraining order violated will determine the type of sanction the violator could be subject to. For instance, a violation of a domestic violence restraining order will usually be charged as a class A misdemeanor pursuant to RSA 173-B:9 if the person has no prior convictions for this type of offense.

There can be collateral consequences to being subject to a restraining order in NH. Once such consequence can be that the person will be unable to possess any firearms.

Once a person is served with a temporary restraining order in NH he will have the right to demand a hearing to contest the grounds. At this hearing both sides have the right to be represented by counsel and present evidence in support of their case.

The New Hampshire family lawyers at Cohen & Winters have represented people who wish to obtain restraining orders against another and have defended people against having such orders issued against them. They have also represented people accused of violating a restraining order. They have the experience and knowledge to handle all the issues that are related to these types of cases and to win!

Whether you wish to obtain orders of protection, or you’d like to fight the orders against you, the attorneys of Cohen & Winters can help. Contact us today to discuss your case in a free consultation.

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