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The divorce attorneys at Cohen & Winters know that approximately 40%-50% of all first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Those are staggering numbers! The process of divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating for adults and children alike. For this reason, it is important to choose an attorney you can count on and trust.  This is where the attorneys at Cohen & Winters come in.

The Cohen & Winters divorce lawyers have represented clients going through all types of divorces, ranging from friendly to downright nasty. Additionally, Attorney Cohen has been specially trained and certified in collaborative law and is a member of both the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) as well as the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire.

Divorce Proceedings in New Hampshire

To begin a divorce action, you must file a Petition. After you file the petition, you must serve your spouse. The Court then schedules a first appearance session. If you have children, the Court orders you and your spouse to attend a child impact seminar.  The Court will likely send you to mediation. Mediation gives you an opportunity to resolve the issues in your case with your spouse.  The attorneys at Cohen & Winters are skilled negotiators and can help you resolve your divorce prior to litigation!

If you do not resolve your issues, the Court will schedule a temporary hearing. Some issues that can come up at a temporary hearing include: parental responsibilities, child support, possession of the marital home and other properties the parties may own, spousal support, and issuing orders restraining a spouse from abusing the other spouse.  The attorneys at Cohen & Winters vigorously argue on behalf of their clients at temporary hearings.

You and your spouse will have an opportunity to exchange documents regarding each other’s finances and other relevant information. This process will include mandatory disclosure of financial information pursuant to Court Rule 1.25-A. You can also send interrogatories, request the production of documents and take depositions as part of this process. The attorneys at Cohen & Winters know how to deal with complex discovery issues.

If you and your spouse do not come to an agreement, the Court then schedules a trial.  At the trial, the Court hears the evidence presented by you and your spouse and then resolves all outstanding issues based on that hearing. Frequent issues at trial include: division of assets, parenting time, child support, and alimony.  The attorneys at Cohen & Winters know how to successfully argue on behalf of their clients at trial.

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Some people think finding a lawyer is as simple as looking up a list of the best divorce lawyers in Concord, NH. The New Hampshire family law attorneys at Cohen & Winters know that divorces are challenging and tough. We can help you navigate through this trying time and guide you through the whole process.

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