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If you’re like most people, estate planning is one of those things you know you need to do, but you just never quite get around to it. For one thing, nobody wants to think about their own death. For another, it seems daunting to have to organize your affairs and your own thoughts to plan for what will happen after you pass away or are unable to manage for yourself.Estate planning lawyer in New Hampshire

Perhaps you are wondering if you really need an estate plan. Maybe you are young and in good health and have many great years ahead of you. Perhaps you don’t think you have enough money to borrow. Or maybe you feel like you already have things worked out within the family so it will be settled without the law having to get involved. Or maybe your finances and personal life are in flux so you think it is better until things get more sorted. The list of reasons for delay goes on and on …

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Estate Planning is for Everybody

The truth is that virtually everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of age or assets. Of course, people in the middle ages or older with significant savings will likely need more complicated planning and documents. But regardless of your current situation, you should have at least basic documents in place, which can later be revised if necessary.

There are a number of important goals that good estate planning can accomplish. First and foremost in most people’s minds is making sure that their money and property is left to their loved ones with a minimum of legal hassle or expense. For parents with children still in the home, it is critical that their estate plan nominate the right person to be guardian of the children until they become adults. Good estate plans also provide for the event of incapacity, providing advanced directives for the type of medical intervention should take place, and nominating the right people to handle financial and medical decisions.

The Cohen & Winters team will spend the time with you to evaluate your individual needs and come up with an estate plan that makes the most sense, and puts you at ease that your wishes in the event you pass or away.

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