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The NH DUI Attorneys at Cohen & Winters know you could face a loss of license, heavy fines, and sometimes even jail time after you get a driving charge. We know you need your license to get to and from work, transport the kids, and just live your life.

Attorneys Jonathan Cohen, Andrew Winters, and Elroy Sequeira are highly experienced dui lawyers in Concord NH and can defend virtually every type of driving charge, including:

Attorneys at Cohen & Winters regularly appear in hearings at the Division of Motor Vehicles.  They can help you get your license back if you lost it already.  They can also help you avoid getting your license suspended at an ALS Hearing. The DMV provides a list of FAQ’s regarding the ALS Hearing.

Driving Offenses Case Results:

  • Not Guilty:

    Jonathan Cohen represented a woman who lost control of her vehicle and skidded into a mailbox. She refused to provide a breath sample and the prosecutor argued that her driving and her poor performance on the field sobriety tests showed drove drunk. Cohen zealously questioned the arresting officer about the way he administered field sobriety tests to the woman.  He also pointed out significant errors committed by the officer. At the end of the trial, the Judge found the woman “not guilty.”

  • Not Guilty:

    Andrew Winters represented a man charged with driving while intoxicated after testing .08 on the breathalyzer machine. Even though .08 is the legal limit in New Hampshire, the test has a margin of error of +/- .01. Winters masterfully convinced the jury that his client did not drive drunk. The jury acquitted the client. Winters helped his client avoid a license suspension, a hefty fine, and a mandatory jail sentence.

  • Case dismissed:

    Elroy Sequeira represented a man accused of recklessly driving for driving at a high rate of speed and squealing his tires.  Sequeira convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges by persuasively arguing that case law required dismissal.  He also helped the client to subsequently annul the dismissed charges.

  • Not guilty:

    Jonathan Cohen represented a Correctional Officer charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated because of a high breath test.  Cohen convinced the Judge to throw out the breath test. He then won the trial after he argued that the officers performed their jobs poorly.

  • Not Guilty:

    Andrew Winters represented a man charged with driving while a habitual offender and driving while intoxicated. On the habitual offender charge, which is a felony, the client faced up to five years in prison, and a minimum of one year in jail. Nobody saw the client drive but the police found his car stuck in a ditch.  The client stood by the car. Winters presented the client’s brother as a witness. The brother testified he drove, not the client. The brother went to look for help after the car got stuck.  He left the client to wait by the car. The jury believed Winters’s argument that the client did not drive the car. The jury acquitted the client of both charges.  Winters saved the client him from certain jail time.

  • Placed on File Without Finding:

    Jonathan Cohen represented a man accused of speeding. Cohen was able to convince the arresting officer to allow the man to complete a safe driving course and to place the speeding charge on file without a finding. The man avoided the fine as well as the demerit points that accompany a speeding conviction.

  • Not Guilty:

    Andrew Winters represented a commercial truck driver charged with reckless operation of his truck after he rear-ended a car at a stoplight. A police officer claimed that the client confessed to intentionally rear-ending the car in front of him. Winters convinced the judge that this story did not happen. The Judge acquitted the client.  Winters’s arguments spared the client from losing his commercial driver’s license, and he saved the client’s livelihood.

  • Placed on File Without a Finding:

    Elroy Sequeira represented a man charged with speeding.  This was the client’s seventh speeding ticket!  Sequeira successfully convinced the prosecutor to place the speeding ticket on file without a finding.  Sequeira’s arguments saved the client at least a six-month loss of license.

  • Case Dismissed:

    Jonathan Cohen represented a man accused of driving while intoxicated. Cohen convinced the Judge that cops illegally stopped his client.  The prosecutor dropped the charges after Cohen’s successful arguments.

  • Not Guilty:

    Andrew Winters represented a young man charged with driving away from an accident. The officers claimed that paint on the young man’s car must have been a result of the accident, but the judge agreed with Andrew’s argument that the paint transfer was inconclusive, resulting in a not guilty verdict for the young man.

  • ALS Dismissed, DWI Charges Reduced:

    Elroy Sequeira represented a man charged with a subsequent DWI charge after an off-duty deputy was following the man and noticed that he swerved and almost hit another car head on.  After a skillful cross-examination of the police, Sequeira argued at the ALS hearing that the police did not do their jobs correctly, and the hearings examiner agreed, dismissing the ALS.  Sequeira then convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a Reckless Driving.  The man was looking at the possibility of a five-year loss of license and jail time.  Instead, he merely had to pay a fine and only lost his license for sixty days.

  • Subsequent DWI Charges Reduced:

    Elroy Sequeira represented a man who was charged with two separate subsequent DWI cases, which occurred within a month of the other.  His client had been found to have an open container in the car on both occasions, and on one occasion, a concerned citizen had called the police to notify them of his client’s alleged erratic driving.  His client was looking at a mandatory jail sentence and up to five years’ loss of license.  Sequeira persuasively convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a first-time DWI, and the client only had a pay a fine and could get his license back after six months.

The NH Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys at Cohen & Winters defend clients charged with all types of driving offenses. If you’ve been charged with DWI, speeding, or reckless operation, don’t wait — contact our DUI lawyers in Concord NH for a free consultation today.