Murder And Serious Assaults

Murder Defense Attorneys

The most challenging types of crimes for a criminal defense lawyer include those where a serious act of violence is alleged. Frequently such events involve death, serious bodily injury, or a weapon. The sentences for convictions on these charges can be lengthy; therefore, defense of such cases requires intense preparation. Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters have a proven track record of taking on and winning these kinds of cases. Cohen and Winters both have experience handling cases involving the following:

Murder Charges Case Results

  • Mont Vernon Murders: Attorneys Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters represented Steven Spader who was accused of murder and attempted murder in Mont Vernon, NH. Cohen and Winters represented Spader from his initial arraignment and ultimately took the case to trial. This high profile case was covered extensively by local and national media and was broadcast live over the internet.
  • Reduced to Lower Charges: Attorney Jonathan Cohen represented Blake Vannest who was accused of numerous charges stemming from an incident in which a high school student received a tattoo on his rear. This case was covered by local and national media and was featured on the Dr. Phil show.
  • Not Guilty: Jonathan Cohen and another lawyer represented a woman who ran a daycare out of her home. She was accused of First Degree Assault because a young child under her care was found to have a fractured skull. The woman had no previous criminal record and faced up to 15 years in prison if she was convicted. The jury found the woman not guilty after trial and she walked out of the courthouse a free woman.
  • Conviction Reversed on Appeal: Andrew Winters and another attorney represented a man on appeal who had been convicted of attempted murder for repeatedly stabbing his girlfriend (Winters did not represent the man at trial). The New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed the conviction and ordered a new trial because the jury was not given the chance to consider whether to convict the client of a lesser assault charge instead of attempted murder. State v. Thomas.
  • Convicted of Lesser Charge Only: Jonathan Cohen and another attorney represented a man accused of attempted murder for shooting a man in the head who was having an affair with his wife. The case went to trial and Cohen and the other attorney argued that the alleged victim was the aggressor in the encounter and tried to strike the defendant with his car, causing the defendant to fire his gun at him in self defense. The jury found the defendant not guilty of attempted murder and first-degree assault. He was only convicted on the lesser offense of reckless conduct, saving him years of potential imprisonment.
  • Convicted of Lesser Charge Only: Andrew Winters and another attorney represented a man on parole accused of stabbing a fellow parolee in broad daylight. Although the man admitted to the police at the time of his arrest that he wanted the other parolee dead, the jury could not agree on the attempted murder charge, and the man was not convicted of that offense. Instead, the man was convicted only of first-degree assault, and received a significantly lower prison sentence.

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