Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyers

Under New Hampshire criminal law (RSA 318-B:26) drug manufacturing generally carries the same maximum punishment as drug distribution, sale, or possession with the intent to sell.  Manufacturing is defined in RSA 318-B:1, XV, and includes any process that produces a controlled drug.  Common scenarios that lead to this type of charge are growing marijuana and manufacturing methamphetamine.

Under federal criminal law the penalties for growing marijuana can be quite severe and are based on the weight of the drugs along with other aggravating and mitigating factors.  For marijuana cultivation, regardless of the amount of product produced, each plant is assumed to weigh 100 grams. Federal law includes mandatory minimum sentences for growing a certain number of marijuana plants.  For example, the mandatory minimum sentence under federal law for growing 100 plants or more is 5 years and the mandatory minimum sentence for growing 1,000 plants or more is 10 years.

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