Personal Injury Lawyers in Portsmouth NH

When you should seek the help of a personal injury lawyer? Those who have been wounded physically or mentally due to the carelessness of another person, corporation, government agency, or other body should seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer. Tort law is the field of law that most personal injury attorneys practice. Slip-and-fall injuries, car accidents, faulty goods, job injuries, and professional negligence are just a few examples of prevalent personal injury lawsuits.

Even though many other kinds of lawyers, such as defense lawyers and criminal prosecutors, often participate in trials. Even though most personal injury cases are resolved without going to trial, “trial lawyers” are commonly used to describe personal injury attorneys. Cohen & Winters are personal injury lawyers firm located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NH), has a skilled staff on hand to help with any case.

What Happens in Cases Involving Car Accidents?

Hire an attorney to defend you after an automobile accident, and you’ll have someone who knows all there is to know about the laws and procedures that might affect your case working for you. The shared fault laws in your state might influence your case if your carelessness contributed to the occurrence. An attorney can educate you on these regulations and how they may apply to your specific situation.

If you hire a lawyer, they will know about any time restrictions that may prevent you from suing the negligent motorist. Additionally, an attorney will be aware of any particular exceptions to the statute of limitations, such as those that apply to children. Here, a skilled company like Cohen & Winters can assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to convict the defendant.

Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries

With the help of a personal injury lawyer from the Cohen and Winters Firm, you will be on an equal footing with your employer. The more rules your business breaks to keep employees safe from workplace accidents, the harder it will be for them to refuse you fair compensation.

For those injured on the job, a workplace injury lawyer may help them get the compensation they deserve. Whenever a mishap occurs, we look into it thoroughly to find out who was at fault and hold them accountable for the damage they caused. Following a work-related accident, a personal injury lawyer may assist you in getting back on your feet.

Accidents at work may happen at any time without warning. This kind of injury may put a severe dent in your finances due to lost wages, medical expenses, and general discomfort. Slipping and bruising without personal protective equipment (PPE) are common causes of occupational injuries.

Is Wrongful Death a Type of Personal Injury?

An instance of wrongful death is a particular form of a personal injury lawsuit. The injured victim dies, resulting in compensation being awarded to their loved ones or the estate of the dead. As a result, a wrongful death action falls within the umbrella of personal injury law. To speak with our personal injury lawyers in Portsmouth NH today, Contact attorneys Cohen and Winters at (603) 932-6682.

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