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What is considered a personal injury?

This legal refers to all the losses of a victim after an accident, which includes not only financial losses, but physical and emotional damage as well. These losses might be subject to compensation.

Types of injuries include those sustained:

  • At workplace
  • Car/motorcycle crash
  • At a venue/business

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What to do on each occasion

If you were injured while performing your work duties or at your work location, we advise you to not wait, but report to your supervisor right away. It’s important to reflect everything in official paperwork, even if initially you think your injuries are minor. This is called a first report of injury, and it should be accessible to you as a worker. Make sure to get contacts of any person that witnessed you getting injured.

If you happen to have been in a car or motorcycle accident, first thing you need to do, once you’ve assessed your own and others injuries, is call the police. You’ll need to file an accident report with them. Then, exchange info with other participants of the collision, as well as witnesses if any.

And if you were harmed or injured while at a venue or at a business – a hair salon or a restaurant – tell a staff member right away and exchange contact info with witnesses if any.

In every case, it’s important for you to alert someone, contact EMS if necessary, get witnesses’ contacts and file a report. It is also vital that you contact a medical professional right away as well. Some injuries might be hard to identify, such as a concussion, or internal bleeding. If there’s a case filed with an insurance company or a compensation case – it’s important that paperwork indicates that you seek medical attention right after the incident.

If you plan to hold the responsible party accountable, you’re going to need a personal injury lawyer.  You might be eligible to file for compensation, not just for physical pain, but for emotional distress as well.

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