What a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You

Personal Injury Lawyers in Hooksett NH

Attorneys Cohen & Winters are personal injury lawyers in Hooksett NH. When you’re in a car accident or have suffered an injury, the last thing on your mind is hiring a personal injury lawyer. You will most likely want to get yourself checked out and be in a state of shock when you realize what has happened. But if someone else was negligent in causing your injuries, you may have grounds for a claim or lawsuit against them. Remember that if you win such a case, you could receive financial compensation from those at fault to cover medical bills as well as any other expenses caused by your injuries.

Here are some of the things a personal injury lawyer can do for you:

Easing Your Mind

A personal injury lawyer will help ease your mind when dealing with insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals after your accident. First off, they will explain everything that needs to be done in this situation and help you file a personal injury claim. This lawyer will fight for your right to compensation and make sure that you get everything you deserve after an accident; they will also defend you if the insurance company tries to deny the injury or the severity of the damage.

The first thing to know about personal injury lawyers is that they only care about getting money out of your case. Lawyers are often unfairly portrayed as greedy, bloodthirsty money monsters, but the reality is that they work on a fee basis like doctors. This means that you can hire an attorney to help you with legal matters for a fixed price instead of paying hourly or by the minute.

Recovering Damages

Your lawyer will try to recover what’s called “damages” in your case if you win. Damages include reimbursement for any medical costs accrued like doctor’s bills and physical therapy appointments, replacement costs for damaged property, lost wages due to missed work after your injury, pain and suffering damages, loss of consortium damages (if you’re married), all reasonable-related expenses including attorney fees, and punitive damages if someone acted egregiously negligent or maliciously.

Reviewing and presenting evidence that supports you under law

Once an attorney accepts your case, they will become your advocate in court and work diligently on your behalf throughout the entire process. When you meet with them, make sure that you bring all of your medical records, photos of the injury, and anything else relevant to understanding what happened to cause this accident because it can help their case immensely.

If the insurance company does not offer a settlement after mediation, a trial may have to take place, so be prepared for this possibility as well. Ensure that you choose a lawyer with extensive experience with cases like yours, as this will give them a better chance of success when dealing with an insurance adjuster or going before a judge.

A personal injury lawyer is available to fight your battles for you, give you support and help you get compensation. To speak with our personal injury lawyers in Hooksett NH today, Contact Us or  Call 603-836-9823.

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