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Personal Injury lawyers in Hampton New Hampshire (NH)

Personal injury is a legal term that describes cases in which a person is harmed by another person or organization (business).
The definition of personal injury isn’t limited by physical injury only – it can also include psychological or emotional harm. This means that you can claim personal injury and ask for compensation if you suffered emotional distress as a result of someone’s negligence or carelessness.
Personal injury cases are usually based on claims of negligence, where the defendant is more often accused of carelessness as opposed to an ill intention.

What are damages in a personal injury case?

Damages are the monetary compensation for the injuries and emotional stress that an at-fault party inflicted on a victim. When it is proven that a person or a company was negligent, and it resulted in a physical or emotional personal injury, the victim can be eligible for compensation.

What is the difference between personal and bodily injury?

Bodily injury is a type of liability insurance coverage. It protects you if you injure someone in an accident. Personal injury case is a type of civil action that the victim takes against the person or entity responsible for physical or emotional damages.

What types of damages are there?

There are three types of damages that are usually being calculated, are:

Special Damages.  This refers to losses that can be objectively assessed and then compensated to the injured party. Special damages are for tangible losses, such as wage loss, nursing care bills, and medical expenses.

General Damages. Often referred to as “pain and suffering,” these type of damages are intended to compensate you for non-monetary injuries you experience, such as pain, anxiety, PTSD, and other suffering you have to endure because of your injury.

Punitive damages are legal recompense that a guilty party is ordered to pay on top of compensatory damages. They are awarded by a court not to compensate injured victims but to punish defendants whose conduct is found to be grossly negligent or intentional.

You could be eligible for compensation of lost wages, medical expenses, or emotional distress. An attorney can help you navigate through the many nuances of the legal process and make sure that you receive all the benefits that you’re entitled to.

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