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What does Personal Injury mean?

Personal injury is a legal term that refers to injuries reflecting physical, mental, or emotional harm. Dealing with a personal injury comes with several disadvantages, which include financial limitations, medical treatments, and adapting to a new and challenging lifestyle.
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What are the types of Personal Injury?

Personal injury can result from a number of reasons, which include car accidents, slip and fall, defective product injuries, and wrongful deaths.

How do the car accident cases work?

Also known as traffic collisions, car accidents occur when a car either collides with another vehicle or another person on the road. People get hurt in many ways resulting from car accidents, be it a minor fracture or a traumatic and life-threatening brain injury. In such cases, being the victim, one may be entitled to significant compensation from the accused. However, strong evidence is required to prove the accused guilty and this is where experienced personal injury lawyers in Exeter can help you.

What are the most common reasons for Slip and Fall accidents?

Some of the recurrent causes of slip and fall are listed below:

  • Uneven steps on a staircase can cause a slip and fall accident.
  • Poor lighting often results in slip and fall incidents as lack of proper lighting can make it difficult for people to view objects, leading to an accident.
  • Wet surfaces can cause one to slide and face a severe back injury.

What kind of Defective Product Injuries are well-known? 


Each year, thousands of deaths are reported in the United States due to defects in construction projects. Electric wires and metal units used in construction contribute significantly to these accidents.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission ensures the safety against all hazards in electronic appliances, nursery equipment, or any household accessory. Whether it is a rash from using a detergent, electric shock from any device, or a blast from a phone, laws are imposed to ensure the highest safety standards.


Thousands of side effects are reported annually by consumers using certain drugs or medicine. In this regard, specific laws are put forward by the government to label all the ingredients and precautions on products so that dangerous incidents can be avoided.

What should be proven in a case of wrongful death?

Many elements need to be proven in front of the authorities to support a claim for the wrongful death from an accident and the security of those left behind. To present a strong case in your favor, some important factors must be considered. These include

  • Factful information that an innocent human being has died either due to unintentional or pre-planned motives of the accused.
  • Evidence-based findings that people who are alive and were dependent on the dead have suffered substantial emotional, economic and financial damages after the death, and;
  • The family has appointed a legal representative/ attorney to support their claim and obtain justice.

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