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Personal Injury lawyers in Dover New Hampshire (NH)

Personal injury is a legal term that refers to cases in which a person is harmed by another person or organization (business).
It does not mean physical injury only – it also includes psychological and emotional harm. This means that you can claim personal injury and ask for compensation if you suffered emotional distress that resulted from someone’s negligence.

Personal injury cases are usually based on claims of negligence, where the defendant is more often accused of carelessness as opposed to ill intention.

What can cause personal injury?

Accidents that occurred as a consequence of someone’s negligence, such as a car crash, an unleashed dog that bit the victim, dangerous product, and many more.  This includes emotional distress as well. If the victim is eligible for compensation and damages, they can claim special, general or punitive damages in the court of law.

What are damages in a personal injury case?

Damages refer to the monetary compensation for the injuries and emotional stress that an at-fault party inflicted on a victim. If it is proven that a person or a company had been negligent, and it resulted in a physical or emotional personal injury, the victim can be eligible for compensation.

To be able to claim financial compensation, it has to be proven that you’ve suffered some type of loss. For example, if you were physically harmed, you’d need your medical bills covered. That would also mean that you would be unable to work for a period of time, so you’d lose wages. Perhaps you have hobbies that you would be unable to enjoy while recovering from a physical injury. The event will likely have caused quite a lot of emotional distress or even trauma, which could potentially put a strain on the victim’s personal relationships.
All of those things can greatly affect your well-being, your family, dependents, and career. Monetary compensation might not automatically solve all of the described consequences of the accident, but it can at least alleviate some of the stress. Not to mention, justice being served to the party, who was careless or negligent.

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