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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sunapee, New Hampshire

The increase in motorcycle fatalities in New Hampshire, particularly the alarming jump to 39 deaths in 2023, has underscored the critical need for specialized motorcycle accident lawyers in Sunapee. Cohen & Winters is at the forefront of this need, offering comprehensive legal services to those affected by motorcycle accidents. We strive to secure justice and appropriate compensation if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Understanding Sunapee and New Hampshire Motorcycle Laws

As the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Sunapee, NH, we are well-versed in the ever-evolving motorcycle laws of our state. These laws are subject to change, and riders must stay informed to ensure their safety on the road. Nevertheless, whether you’re at fault or not, we are here to represent you with dedication and expertise.

New Hampshire Helmet Regulations

Riding bareheaded in the Granite State is a symbol of personal liberty—a choice fueled by the ethos enshrined in New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free or Die.” Unlike most U.S. states, New Hampshire does not enforce mandatory helmet laws for adults, making it one of only three such outliers. This stance reflects a deep-seated belief in individual freedom, but it isn’t without controversy.

Despite repeated attempts to enact legislation like House Bill 1162, the Legislature has consistently rejected mandatory helmet use. Arguments against such laws often circle back to the principle of personal liberty: The right to choose risk over protection.

However, proponents counter with another freedom—the freedom from preventable death and serious injury. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paints a clear picture: Helmets significantly reduce the risk of fatalities and brain injuries for motorcycle riders.

At Cohen & Winters, we strongly recommend that riders wear their helmets whenever on the road.

Eye and Face Protection Rules

This is another area governed by specific regulations. Under NH Rev Stat § 265:123 (2022), riders without a windshield must wear protective eyewear. This law ensures that the driver’s vision is unobstructed, which is crucial for road safety.

Motorcycle Insurance in New Hampshire

Insurance requirements are unique in New Hampshire. Motorcyclists aren’t required to have motorcycle insurance to operate a bike. However, as an “at-fault” state, if you’re responsible for an accident, the financial implications can be severe. We advise all riders to consider insurance to cover potential liabilities.

The minimum coverage levels, if you opt for insurance, include:

Rights and Responsibilities on the Road

Regarding driving on roads laned for traffic, Section 265:121 highlights the rights of motorcyclists. It ensures that motorcycles are entitled to the full use of a lane, although two motorcycles may ride abreast in a single lane. This law is crucial for ensuring the safety and respect of motorcyclists on our roads.

Seeking Legal Help After a Motorcycle Accident?

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