Melaney G. Hodge


In her ten years as a lawyer, Melaney Hodge has devoted herself to every facet of family law. On any given day you may find her meeting with a new client to provide a comprehensive case assessment and strategy, helping an existing client get the best possible outcome at mediation, or fighting hard in court at a contested hearing. Always prepared, Melaney knows that the best chance at a positive settlement  comes from being ready to go to trial if necessary.

Starting her career in Massachusetts, Melaney was the longtime point person for a thriving family lawfirm, actively involved with every case in the office. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the Massachusetts family courts practically ground to a halt. Melaney took the opportunity to return back to New Hampshire, where she was born and raised. Since then she has continued her mission of helping clients resolve disputes about things like custody, division of assets, and alimony.

Having practiced in another state gives Melaney a valuable perspective on different techniques and strategies. Because we frequently help clients that have legal issues touching into neighboring jurisdictions, it is invaluable to our firm to have a lawyer licensed in the Bay State.

Prior to law school, Melaney excelled academically, graduating with high distinction from both law school and college. In law school she ranked 8th out of a class of 260.  In her spare time, Melaney enjoys spending time with her family and her passion of long-distance running.

Melaney G. Hodge

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