An inmate can now earn up to 13 months off his prison sentence.

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Pursuant to a recently enacted New Hampshire law, RSA 651-A:22-a, inmates may obtain a reduction of their prison sentence of up to 13 months. Inmates must be both eligible and suitable to receive a reduction.

An inmate sentenced on or after September 10, 2014 must be granted the option of having his/her sentence reduced by the sentencing judge at the time of sentencing to be eligible. An inmate sentenced prior to September 10, 2014 must obtain a recommendation from the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Corrections as well as permission from the sentencing court to be eligible.

According to RSA 651:A-22-a(III) an inmate will be suitable if he/she is in the least restrictive classifications of general population (C3) and minimum security (C2/C1). Gang affiliation, disciplinary offenses, the nature of the offense, as well as any sentencing restrictions will effect the determination of suitability.

The following are programs and services that qualify for a reduction in an inmate’s sentence:

1. Educational programs:

(a) high school equivalency certificate (formerly GED);

(b) high school diploma;

(c) associates degree; and

(d) bachelor’s degree awarded by a regionally accredited college or university.

2. Vocational programs as determined by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

3. Mental/Behavioral Health programs as determined by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

4. Family Connections Center as determined by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

Inmates who are found guilty of committing any A level disciplinary offenses, or who are found to be actively involved in a security threat group may lose their earned time credits.


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