Estate Planning Lawyers in Keene, New Hampshire

Estate Planning Lawyers in Keene, NH: Safeguarding Your Legacy, Protecting Your Loved Ones

Estate planning is a critical process that involves the preparation of tasks that serve to manage your asset base in the event of incapacitation or death. In Keene, NH, having a legal framework for your estate can provide peace of mind and further safeguard your family’s future, minimizing legal hurdles and ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

At Cohen & Winters, PLLC, our estate planning lawyers in Keene, NH, understand that life can throw unexpected curveballs. We dedicate ourselves to helping individuals and families in Keene, NH, and beyond plan for the future.

The Importance of a Will

A will is a fundamental tool in estate planning. Under New Hampshire law (RSA 551:1-15), a will allows you to do the following:

Trust Is a Versatile Estate Planning Tool

Trusts are another versatile estate planning instrument that can help manage your assets during and beyond your lifetime. In New Hampshire, different types of trusts can be tailored to specific needs, such as:

Trusts ensure that your assets are used exactly as you intend while providing protection and privacy for your beneficiaries.

The Role of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are an essential component of estate planning, providing financial security for your dependents. In New Hampshire, life insurance proceeds are typically exempt from probate. They can be used to cover outstanding debts, funeral expenses, and ongoing living costs for your loved ones immediately after your passing.

Preparing for Incapacity With Healthcare Directives

Healthcare directives, including living wills and durable powers of attorney for healthcare, are critical in preparing for potential incapacitation. These documents ensure that your healthcare preferences are respected and that someone you trust has the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

Managing Your Affairs With Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to appoint an individual to manage your financial and legal affairs if you become incapacitated. This tool is indispensable for ensuring that your affairs are handled according to your wishes without the need for court-appointed guardianship.

How Cohen & Winters Can Help

At Cohen & Winters, PLLC, we understand the nuances of estate planning in Keene, NH. We are dedicated to providing you with the expertise needed to navigate these important decisions. Our estate planning lawyers in Keene, NH, are ready to create a plan that fits your unique needs, ensuring that your legacy is preserved and your family is cared for. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in crafting a comprehensive and secure estate plan tailored to your specific circumstances.

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