What Are the Penalties for A DUI Charge in Windham New Hampshire (NH)

For DUI charges, the state of New Hampshire is rather strict in its approach. The state imposes stern penalties for those found in violation of these laws. Apart from this, the laws are constantly changing, thus it is important to always remain up to date to avoid any problems with the law.

The penalties that you may face for a DUI charge are different for each case and this depends on the circumstance surrounding each case as well as how many previous DUI offenses the individual might have. Attorneys Cohen & Winters are DUI lawyers in Windham NH and can guide you through the process of fighting your DWI charges.

What is Aggravated DWI?

According to the laws of New Hampshire, aggravated DWI is defined as not only driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but also;

What Are the Penalties for A DUI Charge in Windham New Hampshire?

In Windham, New Hampshire, grave penalties accompany DUI charges. These include; high fines, suspension of licenses, jail time, and even increased rates on your insurance. However, the penalties depend on the type of offense, meaning that is it your first, second or third offense.

First time offenses are usually penalized with a fine of at least 500 dollars since they regard it as a Class B misdemeanor. For first time offenses, the possibility of jail time is not included. However, you may be required to pay another fine of around 600 dollars for penalty assessment. Besides this, your license will be suspended for a period of not less than nine months.

Aggravated DWI in Windham New Hampshire is regarded to as a class B Felony, which is punishable by a fine of between 700 to 2000 dollars. The license is further suspended for up to 24 months. Jail time is also a possibility from five days up to 1 year.

For second time offenders where the second offense occurs between 2 and 10 years from the first conviction, the penalties are rather harsh as your license will be suspended for up to three years. You will also face a fine of 750 to 2000 dollars and jail time.

As the number of offenses increases, so do the penalties. A third time DUI offense in the state of New Hampshire will cause you a revocation of your licensed, a fine of between 750 to 2000 dollars and a jail sentence of not less than 180 days.


If you have been charged with a DUI, it is best to contact qualified DUI lawyers in Windham New Hampshire (NH) immediately. This is because the law in New Hampshire only allows up to 7 days for an attorney to make a request with the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to schedule a hearing with the court.

Now that you can understand the penalties that you might face for a DUI charge in the state of Windham, New Hampshire, the next step is to contact an attorney who can further guide you in the correct steps that you can undertake. You will need a qualified DWI lawyer in NH who clearly understands DUI laws. Our team of qualified attorneys at Cohen & Winters, PPLC will help you, reach out to us today. Contact Cohen & Winters. Call us at (603) 836-8453.

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