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How strict are the DUI laws in New Hampshire?

DUI stands for ‘Driving under Influence’ and refers to the act of driving in the state of intoxication. The police in New Hampshire are immensely active in looking for harsh drivers to ensure the safety of all citizens. Since the police are always around the corner, it is best to carry your driving license with you and showcase your best driving skills on the road.

What are some common penalties when someone is caught driving under the influence?

No matter what harm has been caused, the penalties for a drunk driver are immense. Under the New Hampshire drunk driving laws, the accused’s license can be revoked for a maximum of two years. Not only that, under particular circumstances, the person under the influence can also be charged with a penalty of up to $1,200.

What is referred to as Aggravated DUI in New Hampshire?

You are labeled with a charge of Aggravated DUI when;

  • You have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) that is more than twice the legal limit
  • You are driving under the influence while carrying a minor with yourself
  • You have attempted to run from the police
  • You have caused severe injuries to someone on the road

What are other types of DUI in Exeter?

Juvenile DUI

Any person under the age of 21 and found driving under intoxication will be charged with a heavy penalty of license suspension for one year. However, the driver’s previous record also plays a significant role in increasing or minimizing the liability.

Felony DUI

This is yet another penalty that poses severe restrictions on the drivers. Serious injury of a pedestrian can result in 14 days jail for the driver. Not only that, but the government also orders the intoxicated driver to attend a compulsory “Impaired Driver Intervention Program,” which further escalates the penalty with its high fees.

How is the sobriety of the driver measured in a DUI case?

There is a well-known and straightforward scale that indicates the sobriety level of the driver. The Police in New Hampshire usually take a blood sample to measure the amount of alcohol consumed by a driver. The rate of legal consumption is 0.08 in adults above 21 years of age and 0.02 in drivers below 21. Moreover, for the commercial drivers, the legal limit is 0.04. This test is used as the primary indicator of alcohol consumption due to its accurate results.

What is the DUI Policy when a child is injured?

The government has set strict regulations for drivers who cause injuries to minors while driving under the influence. To prevent these accidents in the future, the driver’s license is terminated for a period of two years. Furthermore, a fine of at least $750 is imposed, and the accused is bound to receive complete treatment regarding their alcohol consumption.

Will having a DUI record impact my overall profile?

If you have been involved in a case of DUI, it will show up on your profile. This profile is required by every institute and organization when you are applying for a new job. Therefore, it can pose a negative influence and keep you from landing good jobs. If you have been arrested and charged with DWI. Call us today to speak with our DUI Lawyers in Exeter NH, Click here to schedule a Free Consultation today!

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