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Grounds For Divorce in Windham New Hampshire (NH)

Laws governing divorce are different in each state. To better understand the laws regarding divorce In the New Hampshire, we must start by analyzing a few terms that are important that is divorce and legal separation. Divorce is the legal action where a marriage ceases to exist, as ordered by a court while legal separation is like divorce, but the only difference is that the parties may not remarry.

Divorce Lawyers in Windham, NH

New Hampshire is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that you do not have to prove that the other one is more at fault, thus resulting in the marriage’s failure. Nonetheless, the law still recognizes ‘fault based’ grounds for divorce.

In Windham New Hampshire (NH), No-fault grounds for divorce can simply be defined as an irreconcilable difference between two spouses that has resulted in the marriage’s breakdown. Fault-based grounds refer to when a spouse states the other is at fault, which ultimately resulted in the marriage’s demise. However, the only problem with fault-based divorce is that you must prove that the other party is at fault.

What Are the Grounds for A Fault-Based Divorce?

The grounds of a divorce vary from state to state. However, in Windham New Hampshire (NH) these are the acceptable grounds for a divorce; Adultery from either party, treatment of utmost cruelty, if either party is impotent, If the partner causes any form of serious injury or becomes a danger, If the partner is sentenced to jail for more than one year and ends up spending time in prison, either party is a constant drunkard and has been for the past two years and if either party is absent for two years and has never been heard from.

Requirements For Filing a Divorce in Windham New Hampshire (NH)

Before filing for a divorce in New Hampshire there are a few legal requirements that you will have to meet. These are that both parties must live in New Hampshire when you file for divorce. The party that files for the divorce must have lived in New Hampshire for one year before the date of filing. Finally, the partner that is to be served with the divorce paperwork must be served when he or she is in the state. If you need help with filing for divorce, then reach out to a qualified divorce lawyers in Windham New Hampshire (NH).

How Long Does It Take to Finalize a Divorce in Windham, New Hampshire?

It is almost impossible to state exactly how long the divorce proceedings can take. The time taken to settle the divorce depends on several factors, such as where the divorce is filed, if the parties can agree on all the issues as well as whether children are involved.


In the state of New Hampshire, one can choose to represent themselves in court. Although it is important to state that this may not always be a good idea because you may lack enough knowledge and experience, which puts you at a disadvantage. Thus, contacting an experienced divorce lawyer in Windham New Hampshire from Cohen & Winters, PLLC. Call (603) 836-8453.

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