Divorce Lawyers in Loudon New Hampshire (NH)

We all know the statistics. Almost half of all marriages eventually end in separation or divorce. While that can be disheartening to hear, it’s the reality of the situation. Some people know the ins and out of divorce better than most: divorce lawyers. These attorneys concentrate in family law and help people during what can be a very difficult time. They handle all legal aspects of the divorce for their clients. That includes providing advice on how to deal with shared marital assets (bank accounts, real estate, etc.), child custody & support issues, preparing and filing court documents, and acting as an intermediary between both spouses.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

The simple answer is that no, you don’t absolutely need a divorce lawyer to get divorced. It’s perfectly possible and legal to get divorced without either party hiring a divorce lawyer. That said, hiring a divorce lawyer is almost always in your best interest if you’re going through a divorce, even an amicable one. Divorce is already very stressful and having an experienced professional by your side can reduce your stress level tremendously. Hiring a divorce lawyer can also help you avoid costly mistakes during the divorce proceedings. It’s easy to make a mistake on paperwork or something similar, given how complicated the legal system is. A divorce lawyer will catch those mistakes and make sure the case goes as well as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced?

One of the most common questions divorce lawyers get asked is how long the divorce process will take, from start to finish. The truth is that the timetable for divorce will vary based on a handful of factors, including how complex the couple’s finances are, whether there are any children (and associated custody disputes), and just how willing the spouses are to collaborate and come to an agreement. Going into divorce proceedings with a divorce lawyer by your side can make the process go faster. Without a lawyer, it’s easy to run into problems with paperwork or other technicalities that delay the court ruling. A divorce lawyer will eliminate that problem for you and help finalize the divorce quickly.

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