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Statistically, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. It can be an emotionally difficult process to go through, and all the paperwork and legal proceedings don’t make it any easier. Let at least some of that headache be handled by lawyers, who know what they’re doing. Attorneys Cohen & Winters are divorce lawyers in Lebanon NH and offer free consultations.

Do you have to be separated before divorce is filed in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, if you are legally separated, then decide you want to proceed with a divorce, you can file a motion with a judge to change your legal separation to a divorce decree.

To legally separate from your spouse, you can file a petition for a legal separation. In New Hampshire, Legal separation can be based on either fault or no-fault grounds, much like divorce.

How long does it take to finalize a divorce in New Hampshire?

A divorce can be uncontested or contested. The former usually takes between one and three months to be completed in our state, but this depends on whether or not there are underage children involved. A contested divorce is likely to take longer to be finalized.

How do you proceed if you’ve decided to file for a divorce?


  • File a First Motion, which is a joint divorce petition.
  • Both spouses appear before court and give their statements.
  • If there’s no reconciliation, Court passes order on First Motion.
  • Wait for six months in case the spouses change their minds.
  • File the Second Motion within 18 months of the First Motion.
  • The Court passes Decree of divorce.


  • One of the spouses files a petition.
  • Court issues summons the other spouse.
  • Examination of witnesses and evidence.
  • The Court passes Decree of divorce.

Divorce can be a very trying time, and at Cohen & Winters we sympathize with that. Let us help you and guide you through this challenging process.

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