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Divorce lawyers in Hampton New Hampshire (NH)

Statistically, almost every other marriage is bound to end in divorce in the United States. Separating from your spouse, deciding on custody of children, dividing assets, and everything else that a divorce entails, can be a very mentally draining process, which is why we recommend getting help with at least some of the divorce related burdens by hiring a divorce attorney. It can be an emotionally difficult process to go through, and all the complicated paperwork and legal proceedings don’t make it any easier. Let at least some of that headache be handled by lawyers, who know what they’re doing. Legal paperwork, insights and professional advice can be a huge help in this process.

Is a lawyer required for divorce in NH?

If you and your spouse have any disputes or uncertainties between you, when it comes to shared property or custody of your children, trying to handle the proceedings without a lawyer might be a bad idea. You don’t want to gamble with those very important things. If you can’t find an attorney to represent you, it is still preferable to at least get a consult with an lawyer to better understand the procedures, your state’s laws and your rights, and be prepared.

How do you proceed if you’ve decided to file for a divorce?

Uncontested divorce:

  • File a First Motion, which is a joint divorce petition.
  • Both spouses appear before court and give their statements.
  • If there’s no reconciliation, Court passes order on First Motion.
  • Wait for six months in case the spouses change their minds.
  • File the Second Motion within 18 months of the First Motion.
  • The Court passes Decree of divorce.

Contested divorce:

  • One of the spouses files a petition.
  • Court issues summons the other spouse.
  • Examination of witnesses and evidence.
  • The Court passes Decree of divorce.

Can a divorce be denied?

A divorce can be denied by the judge if they find that you haven’t sorted out your children’s custody issues, and there are still some inconsistencies or lack of clarity. Similarly, if in an at-fault divorce there’s not enough evidence to sufficiently support the fault claims, the court might deny your divorce.

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