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Attorneys Cohen & Winters are divorce lawyers in Manchester NH. When it comes to divorce, most of us want things to go as smoothly as possible, particularly in complex situations with lots of assets and other considerations. However, without the proper legal counsel and preparation, what could be a relatively straightforward process can become complicated, expensive, and drawn out much longer than necessary. Understanding the divorce process and what is needed from each party is what a divorce lawyer can help with. It will make things much more manageable and make an unpleasant situation a lot less stressful.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

There are several reasons why it is vital to hire a divorce lawyer for your divorce proceedings. Apart from the fact that a divorce is a legal process, having someone that can give high-quality advice throughout each stage of the divorce process can make a world of difference. Your lawyer will know what needs to be done and when keeping you in the loop every step of the way. They’ll also help with securing your assets, so they don’t go missing during this time. Handling the logistics of the divorce for you, a lawyer can help to reduce the stress from the entire process and make for a smoother transition. Another benefit is that a lawyer can make sure that paperwork is handled the right way and free of mistakes. After all, with any legal proceeding, there are many considerations, and everything must be accounted for properly, or else the entire divorce could be in jeopardy. It also helps to have legal representation so that delays don’t constantly hamper the process because things aren’t done properly. A divorce lawyer will make sure that things proceed as smoothly as possible, given your unique situation.

Preparing for Divorce Proceedings in NH

The next question you’ll likely want to answer is, “what does my lawyer and I have to do to prepare for the divorce proceedings? As most of us know, a divorce typically begins with one party filing for a petition to divorce. This is essentially the legal document that grants the couple separation while the divorce proceedings commence. After a spouse files for divorce, a court will grant the other spouse a time period of up to 30 days to answer and contest the petition. Once a petition is filed and accepted by the state and county for which one of the spouses resides, the couple is legally separated. This separation carries with it a number of legal responsibilities and guidelines. These guidelines include: Neither spouse is allowed to sell or borrow against communal property If there are children, they are not allowed to be taken out of state by either parent. Spouses may not sell or borrow against insurance held for the other These guidelines work to ensure that the state of the marriage is kept intact until the divorce is finalized. In some cases, the respondent to the divorce petition may choose to agree. If this is done, then there are no further proceedings that need to be taken by either party. If not, it’s possible for both parties to engage in mediation or go through with contested divorce proceedings. The couple may also decide on an uncontested divorce which involves negotiations between spouses; this can be done with or without lawyers present. In most cases, divorces are contested for numerous reasons, at which point court hearings are required. This is where legal assistance is needed most. Preparing for a divorce that plays out in court is something that happens often, and without legal counsel to make sure everything is done fairly and equitably, it can easily lead to one spouse taking more than their fair share in the divorce. In terms of court hearings, a lawyer can make sure the process is done as efficiently and quickly as possible. In terms of divorce proceedings, a lawyer can help negotiate one spouse’s property rights or child custody in order to make an amicable agreement that will please both parties, which they then submit before the court for approval.

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Cohen and Winters are skilled divorce lawyers in Manchester NH and are here to help with your divorce, from the filing of the first petition to the final judgment by the court. With the right lawyer by your side, you can have peace of mind that you are receiving high level of service and that you’re your rights are protected. Visit our website here or call us at 603) 945-8420 for a free consultation. Resources: Manchester District Court City Courthouse in Manchester, New Hampshire 35 Amherst St, Manchester, NH 03101 Hours: 8am to 4PM Phone: (855) 212-1234

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