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What is the difference between collaborative and cooperative divorce?

The traditional divorcing rituals confined to courts known as Cooperative Divorce are now being taken over by the new emerging pattern commonly known as Collaborative or no-court divorce. While the cooperative divorce includes lengthy court hearings and imposes a risk on the attorney’s credibility, collaborative divorce allows both parties to file a divorce without attending court.

In no-court divorce, the concerns that develop during a divorce are usually handled by a team of professionals. Your team may consist of a therapist and a financial specialist along with a lawyer. The procedure doesn’t take place in the court, but as per the mutual decision of the professionals and the couple aiming to reach an amicable agreement.

The procedure of no-court divorce proceeds as all the professionals get involved in meeting the requirements for the divorce. The therapist can assist in improving communication between spouses and children while, on the other hand, financial experts can look after the stock options, pensions, and business interests. And, of course, the lawyer assists you with the legal details.

What if the couple filing for divorce is involved in a business partnership?

While the divorce terminates the relationship between two parties, sorting the details of a business partnership is critical to prevent any misunderstandings in the longer run. In this regard, the divorce attorney will figure out all details regarding investments, revenues, business partnerships, and future income distribution.

How is the custody of a child decided in New Hampshire?

This depends on what option of divorce the couple is willing to choose. If it is a collaborative divorce, the details will be discussed on a mutual level and only sent to the judge for approval. However, in cases of cooperative divorce, the judge will have full liberty to decide the custody of the child based on his understanding.

How is legal separation different from divorce?

Legal separation allows the two parties to be separated without terminating their marriage. In this type of separation, the two parties are not allowed to marry any third party as the marital status is not yet revoked. This option is an ideal choice for people who hold discouraging views against divorce but also need some time away from their spouse.

How long does a divorce proceeding usually take?

A collaborative divorce in which the two parties can address financial, property, and parenting details by themselves takes about two to three months. However, in cooperative cases, the divorce proceedings can take much longer. Since the divorce entirely depends on the court’s hearing and evaluation of all details by the judge, the whole process can take even more than a year.

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