Cohen & Winters is proud to introduce a dedicated client portal. Clients will be able to quickly register for access and then log in to get information about their case. This saves time for both the client and firm (therefore saving clients money). It means clients can directly access basic information about their case, at any time day or night, without having to go through firm personnel.  This is a unique and proprietary platform offered only by Cohen & Winters.

Right now the portal is in a beta phase to select clients who have agreed to test it out. If you wish us to include you in the trial, please let us know! We expect to soon be offering it to all clients.

This system uses best practices for securing data. MOre information about the data storage practices can be found here.

If you have any feedback or ideas on the portal, feel free to leave it here.

Getting Access to the Portal

After we give you access to the portal, you will receive an email inviting you to register. The email will come from “notify@dblfex.net” (this is the back end provider for our database) and look like this:

Click on the link in the email, which will bring you to a simple registration page. Fill in your first and last name, choose a password, select a language and time zone, and review and accept the terms of service:

Once registered, you may need to select the Cohen & Winters database for the first time only. You will then see your dedicated client portal.

Client Dashboard

(This example was created just for demonstration and not from actual client information.) As shown, the dashboard is divided into six sections.

Account Balance

This shows the retainer requirement, the account balance (total amount either held in trust if positive or due if negative), and amount due (amount of the retainer requirement minus any amount already held in trust).

Contact Information

This shows your contact information currently on file. Click on the button to view and edit more detailed contact information. We will automatically be notified if you do.


This shows all events in your case, such as court dates and meetings, both past and present.


This is an alternative messaging system to email that we believe will result in more effective client communication. It allows one message to be sent to Cohen & Winters  and be seen by multiple Cohen & Winters team members without you having to remember who to cc. The most appropriate and available team member can reply to the message, which should improve response time. All of your message threads with us will be stored and available on this portal, avoiding lost emails and time consuming email searches.

To send a new message simply select New or to reply to a specific message select Reply. If you receive a new message or reply from us, you will be notified by email


This shows all documents that we have previously sent you by email. You will still receive notification when a new document is sent. Now, you can log on and find any document without having to search your email or store them in your own folder.

You can upload your own documents for our review by hitting the New button. Documents you send to us will not appear on your dashboard until reviewed and logged by a Cohen & Winters team member.


This is a list of all of your transaction including a running balance. You can click on any invoice to get  the detailed itemization.

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