What Biden’s Federal Marijuana Pardon Could Mean For New Hampshire

President Joe Biden proposed a significant change in federal marijuana policy with a three-part announcement, and he is urging governors to encourage similar changes in the states. Biden intends to pardon thousands of individuals with prior federal convictions for simple marijuana use. He said that this decision will benefit those who currently encounter obstacles in […]

What are New Hampshire’s marijuana laws?

Understanding New Hampshire’s marijuana laws is important not just for users, but also for those who don’t use. Of course, in 2017, New Hampshire decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana. Now more than ever a clear understanding of the law allows us all to live our lives respectfully and not intrude on those […]

New Law on Annulment of that old Pot Conviction

Big Changes In NH Annulment Law The “Live Free or Die State” continues to slowly trudge behind the other New England States and Canada when it comes to sensible marijuana policy. Attorneys Cohen and Winters have been involved in this movement for many years and we are happy to report that on January 1, 2020 […]

An update on proposed marijuana laws in the NH Senate

Here is a quick update on marijuana legislation in New Hampshire. Tuesday there were a number of hearings in the Senate concerning proposed marijuana laws. The two most positive concern House Bills (HB) 157 and 160. HB 157 allows patients who suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain to qualify for a prescription for medical […]

Protection for Out of State Medical Marijuana Patients

As of September of 2015 NH law provides limited protection for medical marijuana patients who are not NH residents, but travel through, or to New Hampshire. RSA 126-X:2 prohibits the arrest and prosecution of “qualifying patients” who possess two ounces or less of useable cannabis. To be a “qualifying patient” a person must either be […]

You can now preregister for a therapeutic cannabis card!

The NH Department of Health and Human Services has allowed patients to submit applications to be pre-qualified for a Registry Identification Card that will allow the patient to obtain Therapeutic Cannabis. The cards will not be issued until cannabis dispensaries have opened which will likely be some time in 2016. Currently there are dispensaries planned […]

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