New Laws Regarding Who Can Own Law Firms

New Laws Regarding Who Can Own Law Firms It’s commonly thought that only lawyers can own law firms, and for decades that’s been true. But recent changes in Arizona and Utah have bucked the system, partly in response  to calls for criminal justice reforms. Arizona has earned the title as the first state to allow […]

DNA Evidence Will Not Help Robert Breest Get a New Trial for Murder

Murder Conviction A jury convicted Robert Breest for murdering Susan Randall in 1973.  The judge sentenced him to life in prison.  Of course, at the time, DNA evidence was unheard of. Since then, courts have released many convicted inmates  because of the explosion in the use of DNA evidence in courtrooms . Breest is hoping to be […]

Lawsuit Alleging Police Retaliation To Go Forward

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed a civil rights lawsuit to go forward against an officer of the Douglasville, South Carolina Police Department.  According to a complaint filed by Officer Derrick Bailey, he was hired by the department in 2010.  Bailey had seventeen years of prior experience in law enforcement, He received positive performance reviews through […]

Oklahoma Appellate Court Takes Heat for Dismissing Sodomy Case

An Oklahoma Appellate court is facing heavy criticism for its decision to uphold the dismissal of a “sodomy” prosecution. For example, see the articles in Salon and Mother Jones. The victim in the case was so intoxicated that she had be carried to the defendant’s car for a ride home.  While in the car and in and out of […]

Police Can’t Sue for Injuries that Occurred During “Suicide by Cop”

Most of us will never forget the tragedy that occurred in 2012 when the Chief of the Greenland Police Department was killed as he and other officers tried to executed a search warrant at the home of Cullen Mutrie.  Mutrie engaged in a shootout with the police and, after killing the Chief, and injuring four other officers, he […]

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