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what is a no fault divorce in NH?

What is a no fault divorce?

September 30, 2021 by Leave your thoughts

When a spouse files a divorce petition, they usually have two choices. First, they have the option of filing for divorce on no-fault grounds (also known as “irreconcilable difference” or fault grounds. The option they choose is determined by the laws of the state in which they live and the facts of the case. What is the Definition of a...

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what are discovery materials

What are discovery materials?

September 30, 2021 by 1 Comment

Discovery & Discovery Materials Discovery is a phase of litigation that occurs before trial. Although discovery can happen in criminal and civil cases, electronic discovery issues most often arise in civil cases. The goal of discovery (whether done electronically or on paper) is to uncover facts. These facts form the basis for creating a trial strategy (or perhaps a motion...

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full custody

Can I move to another state from New Hampshire if I have full custody?

August 2, 2021 by Leave your thoughts

Couples find it challenging to discuss child custody without becoming enraged, emotional, or upset with one another. It’s reasonable for parents to disagree over how much time they spend with their children and where that time should be spent. Relocation is one of the most prevalent concerns that arise in families with child custody arrangements. When it comes to moving...

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Is it better to have a divorce lawyer who is the same or different gender than me?

May 8, 2021 by Leave your thoughts

Is it better to have a divorce lawyer who is the same or different gender than me? Clients frequently request that a divorce lawyer of a specific gender represent them. Some women, for example, may think that having a female legal adviser will help their lawyer understand their situation better. That is unquestionably an important factor to consider. The client...

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A New Hampshire Supreme Court opinion expands the definition of “adultery” to include same-sex affairs

April 9, 2021 by Leave your thoughts

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has expanded the concept of adultery to include same-sex infidelity. The issue came up during Molly and Robert Blaisdell’s divorce proceedings in the Manchester Family Division The husband demanded a divorce on the grounds of adultery, claiming that his wife had an affair with another woman. A lower court rejected his petition based on...

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can I stay on spouses insurance after divorce

If I am on my spouse’s health insurance can I stay on it after the divorce?

February 23, 2021 by Leave your thoughts

In many marriages, one couple carries health insurance that covers their spouse and children. Once a couple decides to divorce, one of the most common questions we get is about what happens to the spouse who does not carry health insurance after a divorce. Typically, although not in every case, women tend to be more dependent on their spouse for...

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