How do I pay for a divorce lawyer when my spouse controls all of the money?

How do I pay for a divorce lawyer when my spouse controls all of the money?

How Do I Pay For A Divorce If My Spouse Controls The Money? One of the most pressing concerns for many individuals is the question of financing legal representation, especially when the spouse controls the majority of the family finances. This situation can feel daunting, but there are several avenues you can explore to secure […]

Can grandparents seek visitation rights?

grandparents with grandchildren

Family dynamics can be complex, and sometimes, grandparents find themselves in situations where they want to establish visitation rights with their grandchildren. Whether due to divorce, family estrangement, or other circumstances, this raises an important legal question: Can a grandparent get visitation rights in New Hampshire? In thisĀ  blog post, we will delve into this […]

What can I do if my ex is taking our child to a church that I don’t believe in?

What If My Ex Is Taking Our Child To A Church I Don’t Believe In? When dealing with the sensitive issues surrounding divorce, one of the most challenging situations that can arise involves differing beliefs and practices, especially when it comes to the religious upbringing of a child. If your ex-spouse is taking your child […]

House Bill 185 Amendment Will Shift How Child Custody Arrangements Are Determined

house bill 185

House Bill 185 Will Shift How Child Custody is Determined The landscape of family law, particularly in the context of child custody, is continually evolving to better reflect the complexities of modern family dynamics. A recent development in New Hampshire, encapsulated in a proposed amendment to House Bill 185, underscores a likely significant shift in […]

The Importance of Financial Affidavits in Family Court Proceedings

The Importance of Financial Affidavits in Family Court Proceedings

Navigating family court can be a complex and overwhelming experience, especially when financial matters are involved. One aspect that often arises during these proceedings is the requirement to complete a financial affidavit. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of financial affidavits, what they entail, and why they are crucial in family court […]

What is a Petition to Partition?

what is a petition to partition?

Breaking up is never easy. Unfortunately, for couple who cohabitate, it can be as difficult as divorce when shared property is involved. In cases where two unmarried individuals co-own a home and decide to part ways, determining who gets to keep the house and how the equity is divided can be a complex process. A […]

How to Handle a Narcissistic Ex During Divorce

dealing with a narcissist during divorce

How to Handle a Narcissistic Ex During Divorce You divorced them for a reason: they’re a narcissist and made your life miserable. Unfortunately, if you’re in the middle of divorcing a narcissist or recently divorced and now trying to navigate co-parenting with a narcissist, there’s much to learn. The person you were married to is […]

What Financial Paperwork Will I Have To Turn Over To My Spouse?

If you’re going through a divorce, a lawyer would first ask you to gather your financial papers, such as credit card statements, bank account statements, title paperwork, and mortgage documents. Divorcing couples still need to turn over at least some financial documents, even though some couples shared records while they were married. Overview of Financial […]

What Happens at Divorce Mediation?

What Is Divorce Mediation? Divorce mediation is a method of resolving issues, including a parenting plan (child custody), division of assets and spousal support. It serves as an alternative to the formal divorce court litigation process. Both parties, and usually their attorneys if they have them, attend mediation meetings with a neutral third party, known […]

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