What is drug court?

What Are Drug Courts? Drug courts are an innovative and practical way to deal with drug usage in the criminal justice system. Drug courts, as the name suggests, are designed exclusively for those with substance use disorders. Either instead of serving a jail sentence, or as part of a reduced sentence, these court programs allow […]

Which alcohol classes do I need to take in New Hampshire if I get a DUI/DWI?

According to CDC research, 130 million Americans drink and drive at least once a year. Every year, nearly one million people are detained for driving under the influence. In addition, every day, about 30 people are killed in drunk driving accidents. Following a DUI conviction in New Hampshire, individuals convicted of impaired driving/boating offenses are […]

What to Do if You Find Yourself Accused of Drunk Driving

You were out for a good time with friends, ringing in the new year, and suddenly found yourself pulled over, those infamous red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. As if it couldn’t get worse, you might’ve had a drink or two. You’re nowhere near drunk, but the cop that pulls you over […]

Halloween The Worst Night For Drunk Driving

Halloween is just around the corner. And while you’ve probably spent time creating the perfect costume, planning a party, or mapping out where to take the kids for the best candy loot, you probably haven’t thought about protecting yourself and your family from drunk drivers. Read Related: The #1 DUI Question: Should I Blow?  Most […]

The Number 1 DUI question: Should I blow?

To Blow Or Not To Blow? Hi I’m Jonathan Cohen at Cohen and Winters. Today I’d like to talk to you about a question that we get asked more often than any other question: If a police officer pulls me over, should I blow? And the answer to that very lawyerly: it depends. I want […]

How Long is a Loss of License for a New Hampshire DWI?

One of the first things that anyone facing a DWI wonders is, “how long will I lose my license?” New Hampshire is a rural state with very little public transportation. Most people drive to work and risk losing their job without a license. Of course, most people also need to do things like transport children, […]

How many DWI/DUIs do you see?

On August 1st, 2017 the New Hampshire Supreme Court issued an opinion reversing and vacating, in part, two convictions for aggravated driving while intoxicated (DWI) for James Fogg. Mr. Fogg was operating his vehicle in Concord while under the influence of drugs. He crashed into another vehicle causing serious bodily injury to both occupants. The […]

What Happens If I Refuse To Blow, Or If I Blow Over?

One of the most common questions people ask us is, “what happens if I refuse to blow when a police officer who is investigating a possible DWI asks me?” The short answer is, you will likely lose your privilege to drive regardless of the outcome of the DWI charge in Court. Every State has some […]

NH “Cinderella” License

A new law that took effect on January 1st now allows, for the first time in New Hampshire, a conditional license for those under suspension for a first offense Driving Under the Influence conviction. Every state has its own rules about DWI or DUI (it can be referred to as either). If you have a […]

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