All About The New Distracted Driving Law NH – Senate Bill 306

New year, new laws. At least that’s the case for us here in New Hampshire. In January 2023 several new laws took effect. Among these laws is Senate Bill 306. The new distracted driving law which seeks to increase penalties for certain driving violations that occur while a person is using a cell phone. This […]

What does it mean to be a certified habitual offender?

Exactly What is a Certified Habitual Offender? It’s crucial to understand that being designated a “habitual offender” by the DMV does not always mean you’ve committed a crime and haven’t been charged with one. The term “habitual offender” simply means, in plan English, that you have a terrible driving record. The NH Department of Safety […]

How Long is a Loss of License for a New Hampshire DWI?

One of the first things that anyone facing a DWI wonders is, “how long will I lose my license?” New Hampshire is a rural state with very little public transportation. Most people drive to work and risk losing their job without a license. Of course, most people also need to do things like transport children, […]

DMV Decision to Require an Ignition Interlock Device

Patrick Roland pled guilty to DWI. Although he had a prior DWI on his record, the plea bargain changed it to a “first” offense. This is a common plea bargain in DWI cases. From the prosecutor’s perspective it avoids the time and expense in taking the case to trial. The prosecutor also eliminates the risk […]

NH “Cinderella” License

A new law that took effect on January 1st now allows, for the first time in New Hampshire, a conditional license for those under suspension for a first offense Driving Under the Influence conviction. Every state has its own rules about DWI or DUI (it can be referred to as either). If you have a […]

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