New Hampshire Cyber Flashing Laws

New Hampshire Cyber Flashing Laws In a previous blog post we talked about New Hampshire Senate Bill 306. It’s one of many new laws that went into effect on January first. Another law, a so-called “cyber flashing” law, also went into effect. This law updates New Hampshire’s indecent exposure law to include the transmission or […]

Can I be found guilty based on just one witness with no other evidence?

Can I be found guilty based on just one witness with no other evidence? The short answer is, possibly. We never commit to a client or prospective client what might happen with their case. However, we can present to you what might happen in general. Before we dive into whether you can be found guilty […]

Self-Defense In New Hampshire

One of those most common terms thrown around in the legal world is “self-defense” The definition of self-defense, how and when that definition can be influenced, and the nuances of defending someone claiming self-defense are vast. It’s important that anyone claiming “self-defense” understand what the self-defense laws are in New Hampshire and what the likelihood […]

What is drug court?

What Are Drug Courts? Drug courts are an innovative and practical way to deal with drug usage in the criminal justice system. Drug courts, as the name suggests, are designed exclusively for those with substance use disorders. Either instead of serving a jail sentence, or as part of a reduced sentence, these court programs allow […]

What do I do if a police officer is stalking me?

Being stalked or assaulted by anyone is a terrifying experience; being stalked or assaulted by a cop must be even more terrifying. Officers have ready access to many information, tracking technologies, and guns, to name a few things. Where do you turn for help when the people who are supposed to protect you are the […]

What should I do if the police call and tell me they have an arrest warrant for me?

A police officer requests that a judge sign an arrest warrant after preparing a sworn statement of allegations against you that the officer believes proves you committed a crime. It’s critical to understand that our criminal justice system is adversarial. meaning that once the police and prosecutors believe there is evidence of a crime, it […]

What is the difference between a cash and corporate surety bond?

Nobody likes to spend time in jail, especially if they haven’t been convicted of anything. So when law enforcement charges someone with a crime, the court may give them the option of being released while awaiting trial. They do this in various ways, including releasing people on bond. A bond is essentially a form of […]

I am not a US Citizen; how will this charge affect me?

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Non-Citizens | Divorce Law Representation While we are not immigration lawyers, we often represent non-citizens in our criminal and divorce cases. We therefore  have a basic familiarity with immigration rules. Often we recommend and work closely with immigration lawyers who guide our clients through that piece oft he process. Foreign nationals […]

What is self defense?

What Is Self-Defense and How Does It Work? Self-defense is the right to use a reasonable amount of counter-force to defend one’s self or a third party from a forceful attack. On the surface, this concept is simple enough, but when applied to real-life situations, it raises various concerns. For example, what is a reasonable […]

What is a Diversion Program in NH?

Diversion Programs in New Hampshire Diversion is a program designed to allow certain first-time or low-risk defendants to complete a rehabilitation instead of being convicted of a crime. Most courts have some type of diversion program. Each program defines the crimes and characteristics of the offender that will allow the defendant to attend the program. […]

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