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Cohen & Winters are car accident lawyers serving Loudon NH and offer Free Consultations. No Money Unless Successful. Call Today! 603-606-9709. Car Accident Lawyer in Loudon New Hampshire (NH) It’s every driver’s worst nightmare: getting into a car crash. Not only are car accidents scary and potentially damaging to your health, but they can also lead to all sorts of legal issues. For the average person, handling the legal side of things is intimidating and frustrating. A car accident lawyer can take all that off your plate so you can focus on what matters most– healing. What is a Car Accident Lawyer? A car accident lawyer is a type of attorney who specializes in handling all of the legal aspects of cases related to car crashes. That includes gathering key information about the accident, offering legal advice to clients, negotiating with the involved insurance companies, and fighting for compensation for the injured party. Unfortunately, even beyond the physical and emotional effects of a car crash, victims can also be forced to confront financial hardships as a result of the accident. Vehicle repair/replacement costs, medical bills, and lost wages can add up quickly. It’s your car accident lawyer’s job to get you the financial compensation you need to make you whole again after the accident. You might not even realize all of the losses you incurred because of the accident. The car accident lawyer can help identify these losses and determine what type of compensation you’re eligible for. Most car accident cases don’t end up going to court but if yours does, you will want an experienced lawyer by your side to handle the litigation. When do you need a Car Accident Lawyer? It’s never a bad idea to speak to a car accident lawyer after going through a car crash but there are some circumstances when it’s especially important. Be sure to contact a car accident lawyer if any of the following apply to you:
  • You were injured in the car accident
  • Your injuries from the accident are permanent/long-term
  • The other party is contesting liability
  • The insurance company has offered a low settlement or is refusing to pay entirely
  • You were asked to produce medical records or a statement
In any of these cases, a car accident lawyer will be a tremendous help in making sure you receive the treatment you deserve. If you need a car accident lawyer near Loudon, New Hampshire there’s no better choice than Cohen and Winters. We have years of experience helping clients just like you get the compensation they deserve. Click here to get a free consultation today!   If injured in an auto accident in NH, then you should speak with our car accident lawyers in Loudon NH Today. 603-606-9709.

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