Car Accident Eye Witness Testimony

Attorneys Cohen & Winters are car accident lawyers in Exeter NH. When you’re in a car accident in NH, having an eye witness to the accident can be extremely helpful.Car Accident Lawyers in Exeter NH

Why Are Witnesses Important?

Witnesses are individuals who observe an event that has taken place. These events can be anything from a car accident to an assault. A witness can help someone out with their case following a car accident. This information should get the best results and outcomes for your case. You should seek the pathway of an experienced attorney to help you transition through this process. Witnesses can help your injury case in many ways, including the following:

Information about what happened

Some witnesses may have seen or heard something that can prove useful to your case. This “something” could include the other driver’s conversation with the police immediately after the accident, skid marks left behind by tires, other cars on the scene of the accident, among others.

Establishing other factors that affect your case

Witnesses can also help your injury case by testifying about other factors not related to the accident itself, such as how well you were driving leading up to the accident (example: speeding, following too closely), driving conditions (example: whether it was dark, raining), or if they noticed any object obstructing your vision (road construction, scaffolding). Establishing these factors will demonstrate that you were not negligent and prevent the defendant from alleging contributory negligence against you.

Liability for your injuries

Witnesses may also be able to help you prove liability for your injuries. This can be done by testifying the defendant’s behavior immediately before and after the accident. For example, did they swerve into your lane or drive away without stopping? It would help if you asked them what happened before the defendant started driving again while they were stopped on the scene of the car accident or what happened after both vehicles left. If there are any discrepancies in these stories, it could support your argument that the defendant is at fault for your injuries.

How do you go about contacting witnesses?

The first step would be to gather the witness’s name, address, phone number, relationship to you (ex: friend), etc. You can get this information by asking anyone present during the accident to give it to you right away. If this isn’t practical because of time constraints, ask for their contact information when you are in the hospital or at home (if you were seriously injured and hospitalized).

What happens after you obtain contact information?

Once you have gathered witnesses ‘ contact information, it is time to sit down and ask them about what happened during the accident. You can either call or meet with these individuals in person because they mustn’t feel rushed while answering your questions. The more information obtained from the witness, the better your chances of building a successful personal injury case.

In conclusion, witnesses are very important for personal injury car accident cases. They can provide key information toward building your case and are sometimes the only person who has seen what happened during the collision.

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