Billing Rates

Our current billing rates as follows:


  • Jonathan Cohen: $350
  • Jaye Duncan: $280
  • Mary Gaiser: $280
  • Brian Rose: $220
  • Elroy Sequeira: $280
  • Andrew Winters: $350
  • Default rate for attorney time not specifically listed: $280


  • Melissa Armstrong: $150
  • Heather McCandless:  $150
  • Tiffany Rudolph: $150
  • Default rate for paralegal time not specifically listed: $130-150

Law Student Interns

  • Default rate: $130


Note that the firm periodically reviews and adjusts its billing rates for all timekeepers. All active clients on an hourly fee agreement will receive a notice of the change in their invoice the month prior to the change. Any other clients or prospective clients should check this page if looking for updates to the rates.