Prenuptial Agreements

According to New Hampshire law, when a couple gets divorced, the judge divide all assets equitably.  Unlike some other states, where only “community property” is subject division, in New Hampshire all assets are subject to division, regardless of whose name the asset is in, or how the asset was acquired. The starting presumption for division […]

Attorney Elroy Sequeira promoted to partner!

Partners Elroy Sequeira, Andrew Winters, and Jonathan Cohen

Congratulations to Attorney Elroy Sequeira on his promotion to partner with Cohen & Winters! Elroy’s dedication and hard work have paid off, and his promotion is well-deserved. Since joining the firm in February 2019, Elroy has made significant contributions to the field of criminal defense and family law. With his background as a public defender […]

Introducing our Client Portal!

Cohen & Winters is pleased to announce that we are introducing our “Briefkeeper” client portal to all clients! All active clients will soon be receiving an email inviting them to establish an account. Any inactive clients who are interested in viewing past information about their case can email or call us to request access. The […]

Child Custody and Relocation in New Hampshire

What do I do If the father/mother of my child moves to another state with our child and files for custody in that state? When parents divorce (or separate if they were never married), they must create custody arrangements in their children’s best interests (while many courts, including those in New Hampshire, are moving away […]

Limited Representation Can Make Hiring a Lawyer More Affordable

Let’s face it – legal fees aren’t cheap. When people need a lawyer, the biggest obstacle is often being able to afford one. Limited representation is a type of fee agreement that can make hiring a lawyer much more affordable The “Notice of Appearance” Usually, when a client hires a lawyer for an open court […]

5 Estate Planning Myths (You’ve Probably Heard #4)

What are the 5 estate planning myths

5 Estate Planning Myths Estate planning is something that many people don’t think about until they’re facing a situation that calls for it. Perhaps it’s a scary medical diagnosis or you find yourself trying to sort out a loved one’s affairs after they’ve passed away and you’ve vowed to never leave a mess for your […]

How to Sign Important Legal Documents While Social Distancing?

Among other things, the coronavirus pandemic is causing many people to think about their own mortality. A lot of folks have known for years they need get their affairs order. They are now feeling the need to do so with great urgency. For example, one representative story that has been making the rounds is headlined: […]

The Cohen & Winters COVID-19 Response

March. 27th Update: The New Hampshire state courts have extended the orders described below until at least May 4th. Stay safe! The COVID-19 virus is dramatically impacting every aspect of life, including our families, clients, and employees. Cohen & Winters is well-positioned to continue work remotely. As the health experts suggest, we are closing our […]

Estate Planning at Cohen & Winters

Is your family prepared for the unexpected? 1. Why Trust Cohen & Winters 2. What is estate planning? 3. Is estate planning for you? 4. Common Estate Planning Mistakes 5. What to Expect 6. Introductory Offer and Pricing What do Prince, Aretha Franklin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and James Gandolfini have in common? Aside being some […]

Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Wrong

Celebrities – people want to be like them. They’ve got money, clout, people know them. But, as the old saying goes, money doesn’t buy everything. You’d think that with all the money celebrities have they’d understand the importance of having an estate plan. Unfortunately, far from it. Many celebrities have passed away in the last […]

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