Attorney Elroy Sequeira promoted to partner!

Partners Elroy Sequeira, Andrew Winters, and Jonathan Cohen

Congratulations to Attorney Elroy Sequeira on his promotion to partner with Cohen & Winters! Elroy’s dedication and hard work have paid off, and his promotion is well-deserved.

Since joining the firm in February 2019, Elroy has made significant contributions to the field of criminal defense and family law. With his background as a public defender in Minneapolis, he brought valuable experience to the firm. Over the years, he has honed his skills in criminal defense and expanded his practice to include family law.

Elroy’s track record speaks for itself, with numerous victories in the courtroom. His track record includes securing jury findings of not guilty, acquittals in DWI cases, reversing administrative license suspensions at the Department of Safety, and successfully handling complex multi-day divorce trials. These achievements highlight his exceptional legal skills and his ability to navigate challenging cases in multiple areas of law

However, beyond his legal accomplishments, Elroy’s character and reputation for integrity and fairness are highly regarded by clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, and judges alike. He is recognized as both a skilled litigator and an honest, conscientious lawyer, which reflects the values upheld by Cohen & Winters.

Cohen & Winters takes pride in attracting and retaining top legal talent, and Elroy’s promotion exemplifies the firm’s commitment to rewarding outstanding performance and providing career advancement opportunities. It is a testament to Elroy’s abilities and dedication to his clients.

When you next encounter Elroy, be sure to extend your congratulations on his well-deserved success with the firm.

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