What is the difference between a cash and corporate surety bond?

Nobody likes to spend time in jail, especially if they haven’t been convicted of anything. So when law enforcement charges someone with a crime, the court may give them the option of being released while awaiting trial. They do this in various ways, including releasing people on bond. A bond is essentially a form of […]

Custody Laws in New Hampshire

Who gets custody of the child if the parents aren’t married? In the United States, up to 40% of children are born outside of marriage, and the number is growing. Even while there are many similarities to custody issues between married parents, unmarried parent create some unique issues¬† in custody proceedings. You should visit a […]

I am not a US Citizen; how will this charge affect me?

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Non-Citizens | Divorce Law Representation While we are not immigration lawyers, we often represent non-citizens in our criminal and divorce cases. We therefore¬† have a basic familiarity with immigration rules. Often we recommend and work closely with immigration lawyers who guide our clients through that piece oft he process. Foreign nationals […]

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