I got a low settlement offer after being injured in a car accident?

Receive a Low Insurance Settlement Offer After a Car Accident? You were hurt in a car accident as a result of someone else’s carelessness. You received treatment, and your condition improved over time. You did everything correctly and expected the insurance company to do the right thing and offer you a fair settlement. The insurance […]

What is a no fault divorce?

When a spouse files a divorce petition, they usually have two choices. First, they have the option of filing for divorce on no-fault grounds (also known as “irreconcilable difference” or fault grounds. The option they choose is determined by the laws of the state in which they live and the facts of the case. What […]

What are discovery materials?

Discovery & Discovery Materials Discovery is a phase of litigation that occurs before trial. Although discovery can happen in criminal and civil cases, electronic discovery issues most often arise in civil cases. The goal of discovery (whether done electronically or on paper) is to uncover facts. These facts form the basis for creating a trial […]

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