Can I move to another state from New Hampshire if I have full custody?

Couples find it challenging to discuss child custody without becoming enraged, emotional, or upset with one another. It’s reasonable for parents to disagree over how much time they spend with their children and where that time should be spent. Relocation is one of the most prevalent concerns that arise in families with child custody arrangements. […]

Which alcohol classes do I need to take in New Hampshire if I get a DUI/DWI?

According to CDC research, 130 million Americans drink and drive at least once a year. Every year, nearly one million people are detained for driving under the influence. In addition, every day, about 30 people are killed in drunk driving accidents. Following a DUI conviction in New Hampshire, individuals convicted of impaired driving/boating offenses are […]

Can I switch to a different lawyer for my personal injury case?

In most circumstances, you can switch personal injury lawyers. You usually have the option of hiring an injury attorney to represent you. In addition, you have the opportunity to swap lawyers if you change your mind about who you want to represent you. Your freedom to change lawyers is subject to some restrictions. However, you […]

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