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Successful trial lawyers whose practice areas include criminal defense, motor vehicle, family law, and personal injury in Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua, Laconia and Keene, New Hampshire regions.

New Hampshire attorneys Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters have more than 25 years of legal experience between them and have represented thousands of clients in cases ranging from disorderly conduct to murder. Based in Concord, Cohen and Winters have appeared in courts in every county in New Hampshire and at every level of the state’s justice system, including numerous appearances before the New Hampshire Supreme Court. They have also successfully represented many drivers appearing before the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles, negotiating in their clients’ favor and helping them retain their licenses. Cohen and Winters have the strength, experience and perspective to represent you in any case.
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Trial Lawyers and Personal Injury, Divorce & Criminal Defense Attorneys for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Murder, Assault and Juvenile, DUI, DWI and Drug Crimes charges such as possession, distribution, cultivation and transportation of Marijuana, Cannabis, Heroin, Meth & Cocaine in the Manchester, Laconia, Nashua, Portsmouth & Concord, New Hampshire regions.